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Anytime you read, listen to or watch content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or any other social network, the Reddcoin platform allows you to go beyond the favorite like or retweet buttons. Reddcoin allows you to tip money instantly with a simple click of a button, to show more love and appreciation the family friends or followers and to offer a Reddcoin is the social currency that enriches people's social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. Reddcoin plans to achieve this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone. De koers van Reddcoin (RDD) voor vandaag is $0,00154763 met een 24-uurs handelsvolume van $127.441.De koers is in de afgelopen 24 uur met 7.8% gestegen.Er zijn 30 miljard munten in omloop en er is een maximale voorraad van ? munten. ReddCoin can be mined using specialized mining software. XMR Stak is a commonly-used mining tool that works for CPU mining and GPU mining with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. CCMiner is another popular mining tool for computers with NVIDIA graphics cards. In addition to having mining software, you will need a ReddCoin and access to a mining pool that pools your effort with other miners and StakeBox and Reddcoin have partnered together to bring you the Reddcoin StakeBox - a device that allows you to stake your Reddcoin cryptocurrency and make a return on your investment. Set it up and start earning crypto rewards* without needing to buy an expensive computer rig. Reddcoin Broadcast is a Thunderclap-like platform for spreading messages across social media services including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Reddcoin users and community members can use Broadcast free-of-charge to expand the social media outreach of Reddcoin Developer-approved causes and solicit support for their causes from the Reddcoin

John McAfee Twitter Handle Hack Results in Pump and Dump of Multiple Coins; (XVG) and Reddcoin (RDD) was hugely influenced by his recommendations. Verge (XVG) was worth $0.000019 at the beginning of 2017, but by the 20th December, it had hit $0.1637. Its market cap grew from $246,300 to $2.41 billion.

Reddcoin is the cryptocurrency of social networks. It is a decentralized currency meant to be very simple to use. It is marketed at the general public. It integrates a digital currency platform with major social networking sites like Twitter. Just like there is a like and share button, Reddcoin will integrate a tip button. Bitcoin Press Release: The Reddcoin (RDD) Core dev team has released updated v3.0 wallet software for Windows, Mac, Linux, RaspPi and docker and more.. 9th February 2020, Albuquerque, NM - Crypto pioneer and first generation altcoin Reddcoin (RDD) has announced the recent release and ongoing activation process for their uniquely rewarding PoSV v2 consensus staking algorithm. Reddcoin (RDD) Twitter Tipbot (@tipreddcoin) Operating Guide Please find complete instructions for operating the Reddcoin (RDD) Twitter tipbot below (with acknowledgement to the original Reddcoin Reddcoin is the social currency that enriches people's social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. Reddcoin achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone. Users of the popular Twitter tipbot for Reddcoin may have noticed the service hasn't been optimal for several days now. In fact, interacting with the bot through the normal means has not been possible for some time now. A direct message to the bot will work and yield the relevant information. – The Social Currency

Tipbots play an important role in the world of cryptocurrency. These convenient solutions have the potential to introduce thousands, if not millions of dollars in value to specific cryptocurrencies over time. In the case of Reddcoin, its popular Twitter tipbot will be shut down completely and users are advised to withdraw funds as soon as […] Reddcoin (RDD) is a cryptocurrency that can monetize social media engagement; users can essentially 'tip' content they liked with RDD tokens. The project works on existing platforms: users on Twitter and Reddit can already tip content creators using Reddcoin and developers are currently working on RDD tips for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Thanks to the programmers in the Reddcoin community, a business owner can tip customers or prospects on Twitter - or send a tip as a "Thank you" to a new follower. Facebook functionality

What is Reddcoin (RDD)? Imagine being paid in crypto for your FB post, and being able to trade it for products, gift cards, and other items. Welcome to Reddcoin. Think of Reddcoin as the “social media coin” with a peer-to-peer (p2p) payments system. Reddcoin (RDD) Core - Official (@reddcoin) • Instagram ... Reddcoin (RDD) Core - Official Internet Company Reddcoin (RDD) for tipping on social networks. A like, or retweet for your content is fun, but has no value. Reward yourself w/ ReddID and RDD! Reddcoin — TradingView Reddcoin has a breakout from the black trend line and is just waiting to get over the MA200. Should he break the MA200 then nothing speaks against a quick 50-100% rally, maybe even more. Since I see Reddcoin in a stage like Dogecoin, we could see the same here ReddCoin (RDD) Review, Price, Market Cap and more | Coinopsy

As many of you may know, the lead developer of Reddcoin, Laudney, announced the official release of the Reddcoin POSV Wallet v1.3.0.0 today. While it is not necessary to upgrade to this wallet immediately, as the full switch to POSV will not happen until August 2, 2014, Reddcoin users should consider switching as soon as possible.

ReddCoin (RDD) prides itself as the number one blockchain social currency as it is widely integrated into the major social network as a means of receiving or sending money on social media.. The company is currently the go-to digital currency to tip users on Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.. The blockchain company had earlier announced in June of its acquisition of all Legal documents Reddcoin, a decentralized, blockchain-based cryptocurrency used to tip and send payments for social content has made big announcements. The Reddcoin team disclosed the intro of a new updated version of the 3.0 wallet software, which is agreeable with Mac, Linux, Windows and many more.. In order to advance from the norm and to revolutionize the crypto world, the crypto pioneer, Reddcoin has With that being said, as an investor in Reddcoin, I felt that I needed to take charge and start this petition to get Mark's attention to look into Reddcoin and how a partnership with Facebook could be beneficial to the world of social media. I think that there is no better time than now to start this petition and help catch Facebook's attention! What is Reddcoin (RDD)? Reddcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was developed for use in social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. The main idea behind the project was to develop a coin that would allow people to receive and send money faster with minimal challenges as possible. Due to its […] Get price, charts, news, exchanges and detailed analysis for RDD - ReddCoin. All metrics are updated by minute to minute, as they happen. Market Cap: $276.36B • 24h Volume: $50.54B • BTC Dominance: 64.50% The money would be sent in form of ReddCoin or RDD. Reddcoin wallets work in the browser on any social network without direct integration, keeping your funds separate from the platform. The coin aims for easy integration with varied social portals like Reddit, VK, QQ, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Reddcoin is the social currency that enriches people's social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. Sentiment. Most Emotional. Inside Their Tweets. URLs Linked Twitter User Mentions. @reddcoin 106 @tipreddcoin